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Winter 2007

The Cartoons
by Franko

Zoo noses


Ever since I was a vet student, I have wanted to draw this cartoon.


Lien: Watch out for any dog with this name.

Liens and the Disposal of Unwanted Pets

Lien: (say 'leeuhn) noun a type of security over property whereby a creditor has the right to retain possession of a debtor's property until the debt is paid.

I never came across this term in Veterinary Science.
I found it next door in Veterinary Business.


You can leave your hat on.


OK, this is the first time the newsletter has gone nude. I hope it gets published. It comes from the accusation that vets are not being careful enough to protect themselves from zoonoses (see cartoon at the top).


To dispense or not to dispense? That is the question.

Dispensing S4 medications to other vets' clients

People take their pets on holidays
but not always their pet's medications.
Just pick some up from the local vet?
It's that simple... No it's not. If your client phones you from holidays tell them, by law, they have to take Poopsy in for a consult and examination at the local vet, if they want to get more of his "pills". They can't just get the pills. If they're a really, really good client, tell them that you'll credit Poopsy's account for $=consult fee at your practice.


Declawing cats

Declawing cats in WA is not illegal

Apart from it being seen as painful and cruel.
Would you do it to save a cat's life?


When you pay peanuts...

Employing unregistered veterinarians

A vet needs more than a dgree to legally work in Western Australia. They need to be registered with the WA Veterinary Surgeons' Board.


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