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Winter 2006

The Cartoons
by Franko

Tasmanian Devil and tumour

Tasmanian Devil and tumour

Registrar's Reflections

The Registrar is driving home and is cut off by thoughts on the nature of Tasmanian devils and Western Australian veterinarians. Click on the cartoon and enjoy the ride.


Who'd be a veterinary dentist?

Animal Handling



Egg Production Ethics

Blind chickens are less stressed.
But what about the person who blinds the chickens?



Who is qualified to treat animals?

Complementary, integrative, alternate holistic therapies are popular.


Thankyou Jules Vern.

Rewriting clinical records

The forensic prosecuters look closely at cases.


the world through a wine glass?



Nothing's impossible as long as you have ignorance and hope.

Bag of tricks



Pandemic preparedness


Is this swill?

Swill feeding is illegal

See the recipe in the newsletter.


2006 VSB elections

2006 VSB Elections

The more I look at this cartoon, the more I think I'll be in trouble.
(That's me sliding down the tail ... probably into a large heap of guano).
They were meant to be cave people ... and that now looks like it wasn't a good epoch in which to start.



This article grabbed my imagination. Something about a dog tied to a cart has to move when the cart moves or be strangled. Well my dog has stopped the cart because it wanted to sniff a flower like most dogs do when out walking.
I think we can find the quietude to rage against rage with calmness.
I agree with Dylan Thomas.


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