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Autumn 2006

The Cartoons
by Franko

Kiss shy frog


Registrar's Reflections

The Registrar is sitting out by his pond with an Indian deity contemplating the metamorphosis of tadpoles and their environment. Frogs are scared of the French. Maybe that's why the prince shies from the Parisian pout? But these lips are inspired by Scarlett Johannsen, maybe the frog is happy as a frog? Pucker up friends for another journey into the Registrar's pool of reflections. (click above)


ABC: The Pet Show, presented by Johnny Young,  filmed in WA. Screened March 2006...

Johnny is still young

Close your eyes ... arwoo! ... and I'll kiss you ... arw woo woo woo ... My safari suit's powder blue ... etc.


Ink pad prints

Cartoon Search

Having just arrived back east from the wild west (of Australia) I had to track down some cartoons. This is the warm up drawing.
Yes, cartoons do leave ink pad prints.
Trust me, I'm a veterinary cartoonist


Avian influenza

Chook cough

Avian flu infects the brain of the cartoonist. I had to get this greenish coughing chicken out of my head.


Common Seal

The Veterinary Surgeons Board is changing its common seal, which it has had since 1911. I wonder if they will get an uncommon seal?


Beam me up Mr. Bok

Principles of Conscious Living

I read the article entitled "Principles of Conscious Living". It was a philosophical discussion and I really had to concentrate hard to assimilate it into my reality. I thought maybe such principles would find it hard to exist in a veterinary universe where the beings are not actually conscious of their lives? Unfortunately we all don't have Mr. Bok to beam us up when our universe is not where we want to be. (Mr. Bok appears below). I enjoyed doing the squiggles and the space suit. Subconcious, hence the periscope.


Faulty Equipment

Public Liability

A legal article states that the vet may be found liable if something goes wrong in a case, or consult / farm visit due to faulty equipment. It gave me the opportunity to wheel out the slightly modified chicken catapult.


Pet Universe

Pet Universe

Here is Mr. Bok.

Someone, somewhere, out there (far, far, away) thought it wasn't enough to have a 'practice', or a 'clinic', or a 'hospital', or even a 'centre'. They had to go where no chicken (or cat) has gone before and claim a 'universe'.


Explosive Client

Defusing Explosive Clients

Mrs. Foobar is not happy.


2006 VSB elections

2006 VSB Elections

The more I look at this cartoon, the more I think I'll be in trouble.
(That's me sliding down the tail ... probably into a large heap of guano).
They were meant to be cave people ... and that now looks like it wasn't a good epoch in which to start.



This article grabbed my imagination. Something about a dog tied to a cart has to move when the cart moves or be strangled. Well my dog has stopped the cart because it wanted to sniff a flower like most dogs do when out walking.
I think we can find the quietude to rage against rage with calmness.
I agree with Dylan Thomas.


Crossing the (Stress) threshold

Stress Threshold

The stress maggot is wearing a bridal veil
to signify that the vet is married to his work. Crossing from darkness into the stark light of home, he has brought evil with him. 'Til death do they part.

Espresso is the key to the twilight zone.


Potential plumber

The Veterinary Profession has untapped potential

The dam profession is full of potential scientists. Who better to call than the plumber? No ordinary plumber as you can see by the way he levitates over the thin trickle of a stream of consciousness. And by the depth and handsomeness of his tradesperson's cleavage.


Shadow Puppets

Incidental cartoon

This is my comment on a client questioning whether a veterinarian is qualified to examine cat ear wax. Someone's brain must have fallen out. That's ear wax's main function, to stop that happening. Even more deplorable it was a vet that put the question in the client's head. Ear wax is a fine substance to sharpen a surrealist's mustachio but not so for a lawyer's pencil, so keep checking it on your own microscope and send the important stuff to the pathologist, like bird pooh.


Ow, ow, ow, ow!

Workplace Safety

Finally I've seen it put down in words.
Not how wonderful life is but that veterinary practise can be hazardous to your health. The article shows that vets are so busy dodging the hazards they have no time to make their workplace safe.


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