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Summer 2005/06

The Cartoons
by Franko

Zip a dee do da

Registrar's Reflections

The Registrar has a tune in his head and his interlocutor has a bulldog on his shoulder. Find out more about perceptions of reality by clicking on the cartoon (above).


Truth Goggles

Perceptions of the truth

We all have to face the truth sometimes. Even in a consulting room. It may be difficult, so best to wear some truth goggles.




This article has to be read to be believed, or not. I found it an entertaining piece of work and hope the author has recovered from his surgery as diagnosed in the cartoon.



Some animals are difficult to catch and restrain. Conversely some deadly and painful zoonoses are not. So do it safely with a DVD.
This cartoon was for an advertisement.


Clinical Results

Clinical Results and Clients

Clients are often under the misconception that they 'own' radiographs and clinical results relating to their pet or animal. The fee is actually for the veterinary opinion or interpretation of the results. There is some discussion about this in the latest Current Issues forum. Until you sort out your thoughts, give all radiographs to a tall member of staff.


Christmas 2005


December is the time to recycle Christmas... oops... er... um... Holiday cartoons. I drew this one in 2003 for a Western Australian client, for their annual Christmas card. I enjoyed drawing it and often feel like Santa does after a busy day of vetting. The polar bear is a metaphor for not bringing work home. Don't fret, the bear is tough. It will always be waiting outside tomorrow or after the day off.


Anti-transgenic Irrationality Block

Mental Block

I drew this cartoon because I had a mental block. It's not really a cartoon it's an exercise to shake loose the blockage. The mental block occurred when I had to draw a cartoon for the subject: Anti-transgenic Irrationality. I was lucky that my brain didn't short circuit. I was hoping the article was mutated and that it would crawl away.



Anti-transgenic Irrationality

Well look ye here. I did it. Drew the almost injurious cartoon I was talking about. That's some pretty mean wheat? Or... don't count his toes. It ain't polite. (Why did I even bother to put an apostrophe in 'aint'? It aint even a woid.)


Five Freedoms

Who better to cluck about improving the welfare of production animals than Martina Loofa Hen? Don't ask her too many questions. She gets a bit cagey. She actually named her cage "Nicholas". That's how confident I am that no-one is going to read this.


Running Safe

I wasn't happy with this cartoon for the article, "How safe is your safe?" It was all about the need to bolt down the practice safe, or it might 'do a bolt' in the arms of a villain. The more I look at it the more I'm certain that safes would have wings (like pigs), or the terrestrial ones would have tank tracks. Or maybe lots of little legs? Add another to the list of things that won't let us sleep at night.


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