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Current Issues Autumn 2005

The Cartoons
by Franko

Registrar's Reflection for March 2005

Registrar's Reflections

"Sadly there are many veterinary surgeons who are lonely because they perceive that loneliness is a precursor to independence." Alone in a boat, alone in the night. Adrift on an ominously calm sea. That's how I saw the reflection.


Lemon Vet

Are vets lemons?

Cat Breeding

Is this a reasonable response to the drop in pet cat numbers?: "In simple terms, communities need more cats breeding in a responsible and controlled manner …".


Devil in disguise

Client Concerns

This short article is another demonstration piece of how veterinarians can be perceived from the single point of view of a demanding member of the public.

What forces a vet to make people wait? Maybe the vet is actually busy? What makes the veterinary receptionist not greet every person with a winning smile and a full, complete and accurate reason for a client having to wait? What makes the staff enquire if the client can actually pay?

Then the disgruntled client subsequently attends the vet practice down the road and... are the staff there robotic, programmed with a plastic cheerful greeting? Are they luckily having a quiet day and are in need of a walk in client albeit a potential bad debtor? Has the vet just won lotto and is able to establish a credit payment agreement with a poorly financed pet owner?

Dare we tarnish the Yorkshire idyll of the saintly James Heriot?

Who is the angel and who is the demon?


Compassion fatigue

Understanding Compassion Fatigue

Is a day at the office like an attack by the Brides of Dracula? Can the well of veterinary compassion run dry? Can it be replenished?


Vet Sanctuary

Vet Sanctuary

Is there a safe a haven? We need an allocated time and place to escape the demands of the day within the work place.


At a certain point you may lose heart.

A Caring Profession

Is the service myth eroding the human capacity?


How vets can remain ready 24/7

24 Hour Vet

Currently the Regulation to the Veterinary Surgeons’ Act requires all premises to provide or make arrangements for the provision of 24 hour emergency cover. Should WA remove this requirement as recommend in the Rural Review or should it follow the March 2005 agreed position of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) in the U.K?


Cross (State) border veterinary services

Providing services over the State boundaries?

It is important that if you are providing veterinary services interstate that you check with the State/ Territory into which that service is being provided (the jurisdiction where the client is accessing that service) to ascertain if you need to be registered in that State/Territory. Some States/Territories require vets to be registered in their jurisdiction if a service is being provided to a client within that jurisdiction; others do not require such registration. This pertains to whether you are providing Internet or telephone consultations as well.


Be the cat in the rat race.

Work and balance

Looking at this cartoon now, I really should have made the vet's competition number "24/7".


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