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The Cartoons
by Franko

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Registrar's Reflections

The Registrar reflects on the brolga, synergism of dance and the profession.


Cat Reaction

Not all snuffly cats have the 'flu'. A case of some intra-practice detective work that may be of use in other vet practices.

Vets helping vets

Colleagues of first contact

A resource for stressed veterinarians has been advocated.



Cytotoxic chemicals in the work place


Status anxiety

Status Anxiety


A kelpie's world is a tennis ball

The Thinker


Vaccination certificates are needed for travel

Vaccination Certificates

Use the stickers from the vaccination vials to ensure your patient can travel overseas.


In Response - veterinarians bend over backwards for many clients

Veterinary Bendbacks

Cartoon inspired by the movie,
"The Triplets of Belleville"


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