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Registrar's Reflections

The Registrar reflects on impermanence and the deregulation of the veterinary profession.


Avian Flu

Q Fever

Q Fever

WorkSafe and the WA Department of Health are concerned that some workers in the meat and livestock industries are not adequately protected against Q Fever.

Q Fever is a bacterial infection that is usually transmitted from infected animals by inhaling airborne droplets of their urine, milk, faeces or birth products.

Sheep, cattle, goats, kangaroos, cats, dogs, bandicoots, feral rodents, birds and ticks can transmit Q Fever.


vaccination boosters

Vaccination Boosters

Do we need a new dog and cat vaccination policy for WA Vets?

Discussion has been stimulated in the veterinary community with some recent research challenging the standard annual booster protocol.


vaccination reaction

Vaccination Adverse Reaction

Veterinarians need to be up to date - a case report.


Vet in the firing line

Vet in the firing line

When pets are sick emotions can run high and the vet can find themselves in the firing line.


zip it. zip it good

Perceptions of our profession

Veterinarians continue not to communicate with each other, which gives clients a bad perception of our profession when they seek a second opinion.


$2 vet

Two dollar vet

Some clients demand services and diagnostics but are aghast if the veterinaty professional charges a fee comesurate for the skill and work applied to the task.

But are vets to blame for this perception after years of competitive pricing?


Ovine Johnes disease

Ovine Johnes Disease

Ovine Johne's Disease (OJD) is a wasting disease of sheep.

It can affect goats and deer but does not affect cattle.

It is caused by the sheep strain of the bacterium Mycobacterium paratuberculosis).

Johne's disease affects animals by causing a thickening of the intestinal wall which blocks the normal absorption of food.


Prescription writing

Prescription writing

It has been brought to the Board’s attention that some veterinary surgeons are in breach of the Poisons Regulations 1965 regulation 37.



Words of Puddha

"What we are today comes from out thoughts of yesterday and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow. Our life is a creation of our mind."


Pet death

When a pet dies

"It is now well established that the death of a companion animal is a serious loss, provoking a grief response comparable to that for a human being ..."

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