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Current Issues Summer 2003

The Cartoons
by Franko

Registrar's Reflections

Registrar's Reflections

The Registrar reflects on a parable about the ascent of life's tightrope and how many of us are just observing others.


3 cases of desexing dogs when owner consent was not given

Surgical consent

A busy veterinarian may make the mistake of performing a desexing procedure on an anaesthetised patient when the patient was booked in for a different procedure.

Is this an Australian phenomenon where the sterilisation of pets is the "norm"? Thus the vets are victims of society. Or is it purely a lack of double checking and effective communication?

The 3 dogs inadvertently desexed have found their verdict and in the cartoon recommend a punishment they see fit.

Animal welfare launch

Animal Welfare - a launch

A resource for veterinarians has been launched.

I thought of battery hens as an obvious animal welfare issue and how they might be launched.

It was a lot milder cartoon than using sheep who may not land so well.


"Bin it."

Australian Wildlife Health Network

Do you undertake post mortems and record the cause of death of wildlife or do you just bin the bodies?


Hit Cat

Hit Cat

A serious case report. Hard to cartoon.
I took the option of
cartooning a well known real estate saying rather than graphically representing the incident.


I'm the vet at the Croc Ideal Resort

Workplace Injury


Animal Aid Inc, a veterinary charity, which provides funding for pets owned by low-income earners

Help for low income earners

The cat depicted is a struggling single parent.


Elevating the vet nursing profession

Veterinary Nurses' career elevation


Preg testing after hours

Preg testing and After Hours work rationalisation


Rodney raffles a dead donkey

Rodney and his dead donkey - an amusing exercise in business deception


What can I do? - short story about a small kindness blossoming into a historical event


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