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The Cartoons
by Franko BSc BVMS

Tail Docking

Tail Docking

In a day and age where we can fly. Humans may also have discovered the possibility for docking a tail on to a dog, which is much more useful than docking a tail off.



Chip Scammers

With the advent of microchip identification for pets vets may face new quandaries to solve. What happens if the pet is rehomed? What happens if the pet is rehomed as a stray and hadn't been scanned? What happens if a breeder reclaims a pet and wants an identification chip surgically removed? What happens if a rogue seagull is loose in your practice? The answers are in the newsletter.

24 hr expectations

Meeting community expectations

The modern hard working vet prefers to concentrate on meeting community expectations during daylight hours.



24 Hour Care

If I remember correctly, as a vet student, I didn't have the waking capacity to stay up all night watching sleeping patients. I still don't. That's why suburban vets have emergency centres to refer to.


I can pay you a rat a week.

Who really pays?

In today's money driven world.
Sometimes it is the animals.
With their lives.


Case guidelines

Clinical Record keeping

Clinical Records

(Top) Trying to get Case + Record + Guidelines all in one cartoon.

(Under) The vet should indeed look concerned. He has an incomplete case record when dealing with a complicated, poorly resolving case.


Oils aint for cats

A cat went home with a urinary catheter in place.

A couple of cat cartoons

(Top) Pouring paraffin oil into a cat instead of mixing it through the cat's food, can result in pneumonia.

(Under) Should a cat with a urinary problem be treated in hospital or sent home?



Pet abuse parallels child abuse


Competition and Prescription Only Medications (POMS)

UK Vets are being advised they have to inform their clients that the vet practice is not the only place a client can pick up a prescription.

Chook in sky.

"Crikey! A talking chicken."

The chicken little cartoon didn't make it into print. It was so bad that the editor used 'clip art' instead. I felt like the sky had fallen on my head.

Continue to professionally develop (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development Courses


This is supposed to be an aggressive dog

With 20-20 hindsight, the dog looks more overtly insane than aggressive. And we all know that boxers are happy dogs.

Elect Shun.

VSB Elections

Sometimes I get a headache trying to think up a cartoon for a certain subject... and it shows.

Ferret fable.


The ferret article didn't make it into print but I won't deprive you of the cartoon.

Let's get this straight.
Wrapped up in reptiles.

Reptiles can be legally kept as pets in WA

Vaccinating vet protects pets

New Vaccination Guidelines

Bored boards.

Vet Surgeons' Boards' Council

I would guess the excessive use of apostrophes led to the decision not to publish the cartoon in the newsletter. But hey, guess what? I can publish it here (insert manic laughter). $19.10 of a vet's annual registration fee goes to funding the council of boards.

Vet called on after hours phone to explain what may be making a hooting noise at night.


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