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The Cartoons
by Franko BSc BVMS

Anonymouse Contributer


"Do you want to express an opinion to the Board but are frighten to do so for fear of retribution?

Although that would never happen, if that is what you perceive that is your reality.

Overcome that fear by setting up an anonymous e-mail account and using that account to express your feelings to the Board, for submitting experiences for publishing in the newsletter or for just responding to newsletter articles".


Sneaky South African Honey Bee

South African and European Honey Bees

"Did you know that the South African Honey Bee, being unable to sting the Small Hive Beetles when they invade the nest because of its hard shell, surround the beetle, push it into a corner and then gather a fast-setting tree resin and glue the beetle down, leaving it so glued until it dies of starvation?

European Honey Bees, although they use similar resins as sealants in their hives, have not learned to glue down the recently introduced Small Hive Beetle who predates on the hives developing young and pollen, and thus, the beetle is a major threat for the European Honey Bee industry."

dispensing wisdom

Bone fide clients and dispensing S4 drugs


Faceless corporate vet

Faceless corporate practices [image 1 & 2]


Purrs of wisdom

Not Mother Teresa's cat? She pats it anyway

Mother Teresa leaves some purrs of wisdom quoted in this issue of the newsletter, such as:
"If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway...


Mordern man has a poorer sense of smell. Thank goodness.

Every (cave)man and his dog

An article on the selective effects of domesticating the dog has had on human evolution.

For example, human's sense of smell may be poorer than our ancestors but we can still be seen carrying a club.

Yes, it is a fart gag, I apologise, and for the unintended pun.


There is nothing more peaceful than to watch a cat sleeping.

All men dream but not equally

"All cats dream but not equally. There are those who dream at night reaching into the dark recesses of their mind to wake in the morning to find it was vanity. But the truly courageous are those who dream during the day with their eyes wide open, for they can make their dreams come true."

Tabby Lawrence, T.E. Lawrence's cat.


Cattle that think drugs come from postmen. Like some think milk comes from cartons.

Pavlov's Cows

"2003: Cattle conditioned to the approach of the 'postie.'"
A comment of the seemingly common practice of herds being treated by an absent vet.

Equestrian style statues follow a protocol.

Equestrian Statuary

Horse source: Mundaring Magazine Jan 2003.

"It is not perhaps as widely known as it should be that there is a well-respected convention regarding equestrian statues.

  • If the person so honoured died in battle then the horse is depicted rearing up, with both front legs off the ground.
  • If the person died as a result of wounds received in battle, the horse has only one foot raised.
  • If, on the other hand the person died of natural causes the horse has all four feet on the ground.

Statues all over the world follow this protocol."


Understanding Client - Golden Plate Story

This cartoon is an attempt to depict a vet's grief at realising they have made a life threatening intraoperative mistake. The newsletter article presented a more positive angle focussing on how the client accepted their vet's sincere contrition for such a mistake.



This newsletter article focussed on the legalities of supplying prescriptions to itinerant pet owners. Having worked in a coastal holiday resort town, I found something a bit more irritating about holidaymakers while I was at work.


Early morning diplomat

Here is a situation to test your diplomacy reflexes. The article was about a rural practice that ended up carrying the burden of after hours calls for a whole rural area.

Pan, Ganesh and the Centaur.

Registrar's Reflections

The Registrar teams up with some mythical friends to impart the wisdom in his latest veterinary parable.

Road Traffic Accident


In my day the 'RTA' were a separate part of the police force that were determined to get Kingswoods off our roads. Apparently the acronym stands for "Road Traffic Accident". I was more used to "MVA" or "HBC". It looks like we have to start a veterinary acronym dictionary. Yes, it is a dramatic screaming cat.

Line up

Roo Castration

It is cruel and illegal to castrate kangaroos with lambing "elastrator" rings. It is allegedly performed by some alleged wildlife 'carers'. This is probably true, as it is my experience that many vets don't know the whereabouts of a kangaroo's scrotum. The bandaid is a gentle hint of where to look if you're looking for evidence of an elastrator ring.

Nurse Round Up

Vet Nurse Round Up

The newsletter editor's section title deserved a cartoon.

Like a candle in the wind.

Rural Vet Fade Out

Pharmaceutical Safety

Drug Storage Shortcuts

The article is serious and notes the human consequences in how a young person's life was at risk due to prescription drug storage short cuts.


Personal Development Opportunity
("A world of difference")

The article starts: "The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers; wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints; we spend more, but have less; we buy more, but enjoy less...

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