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Spring 2002

The Cartoons
by Franko
(Yes, I am a veterinarian)

'Good Ol' Days' cartoon

Registrar's Reflections (p.2)

How are we going to remember the
"Good Ol' Days"?

Most likely not very accurately.

If you click on the cartoon you can read how the Registrar sees it.


Costs! Charges! Fees! Estimates! Quotes! (p.3)

Personally, I'm dismayed that business motivational speakers, employers who have crossed to the "dark side" of thinking they are a profit based entrepreneur not a scientist or a healer, marketeers in general, and windmill armed drug company representatives feel they have to outline to real veterinarians a great new marketing concept that we care about animals and our clients.

But more so, we can also use our over advertised "caring" as a great marketing tool to get an 'edge' on our competitors.

Who presumably don't care?

I guess I'm still naive enough to believe that, as a primary motivation to "be", veterinarians care about animals and that the community, our clients, naturally believe that as well.

Locuming in England I came across this...

Practice Protocols (p.8)

Practice protocols are there because someone, at some stage, really stuffed up.

If you work at the practice where they have a protocol for expressing anal glands, watch out! There has been some major blunders there.



Large faceless corporate practices [image 1 & 2]

Clients and patients go in one end of the machine and wealth pours out the other. Great concept.

If you combine marketing and advertising (that you care) with a list of practice protocols that reads more like "War and Peace", then you may be caught in the web of a large faceless corporate practice.

They also pay better, have great equipment, good back up for difficult cases, better rosters for employees...

But do you want to wear the uniform?


Curl up like a cat.

Power of purring (p.10)

Sometimes I find myself writing too much about cartoons.

However if you are dogged in your nightmares by large faceless corporate practices and windmill armed drug reps, you just feel the need to explain things before they finally get you.


Pens (p.10)

Ever have trouble finding a pen?


Ode to the spey.

Professional Conduct (p.11)


Providing pigs with straw reduces aggressive behaviour
Pigs + Straw = something we always suspected (p.13)
RSPCA Vet Clinic - not cut price (p.13)
Paws for Thought - not my choice of title

Using animal behaviour resources (p.14)

Sometimes 'bad' behaviour is just 'natural' behaviour that hasn't kept pace with social change.

Career Path

Career Paths of Australian Veterinarians
- book review

The dog's tail provides the antica...-pation.

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