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The Pet Wellness Group Logo

Dr Paul Davey and Dr Cameron Murray asked the Grrinninbear to create a logo design for their vibrant new veterinary practice, the Pet Wellness Centre, in Perth, Western Australia.

The central image idea presented was of a dynamic leaping image and the use of a strong, all embracing, circular symbol ("the ring of wellness").

Some of the clients' requirements were:

"Being young members of the profession, we are keen on simple, modern design. We also feel this reiterates the modern concept of maintaining a healthy pet, rather than being there to just treat the illnesses suffered by pets."

"We would like also to promote the image of quality, excellence, and technological advancement."

"The logo should be simple, symbolising wellness and vitality, and easily reproduced, fairly non-specific, so can be used on uniforms, letterheads, signage etc."

"The graphics need to be simple, probably flat, bold colours, to ensure they are easily reproducible, and transferable."

Using a dynamic human figure with hands up ready to help and support but the image also forms the nose and mouth of a cat or a dog.
early sketch idea #1

"PWG = Pet Wellness Group + also forms the face of a pet saying, "Thanks."

early sketch idea #2

early sketch idea #3

the client presented a further idea:

Clients rough sketch idea of an animal forming a 'W'

The design evolved through 20 or so 'rough' sketches to find the final symbol or icon.

The clients were happy with the work by the Grrinninbear and the business relationship extended into incorporating the design into business cards and letterheads for practice stationery.

The Grrinninbear is biding his time, waiting to have a go at improving the Pet Wellness Group web page design. By also being a veterinarian, I understand how the details of clinical practice and the demands of clients and patients do not leave much time for larger projects.

business card

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