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Pet Connect web site

Dr Jacqueline Perkins BVSc MACVSc (Animal Behaviour) and Kennith Dagley at Pet Connect required a logo and cartoon style graphic images for their web site. The clients had spent many years developing The Canine Behavior Type Index® as a practical canine behaviour tool.

Logo development: Logo development for this project produced a folio of 24 pages of sketches. 3 stages are shown below.

The clients produced their initial idea:

Original concept

Grrinninbear Designs reworked the central 'eye' image. The profile views of the dog and cat were worked up by adding a silhouette concept to darken the pupil making it more recognisable. The white dog appears as a light flare in the pupil:


The final image for the logo came in to being when a cartoon style was allowed and overlaid on the designer's thoughts. This opened the ideas box into a new realm... The theme developed was of attentive pets looking (with understanding) into the owner's eye. The effect was highlighted by the use of a "fish eye" warping effect to give the graphic a more spherical appearance. The two 'manga' style lens flares (white dots) are a technique used by artists to bring the eye 'to life':

Pet Connect web site

Pet Connect website

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