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Mosman Park Vet fridge magnet

John and Ashleigh, the vets at the Mosman Park Veterinary Hospital in Western Australia, requested a design for a fridge magnet to distribute to clients.

The central image idea for the sign was based on a statue of a dog and cat that is a highway landmark in the area the practice is located.

Grrinninbear design 'tender' for the Mosman Park Vet logo 2003

an early design idea for the logo

The original fridge magnet design has proven popular with clients.

The Grrinninbear worked closely with the printer to produce the finished colourful design.

The good news for Grrinninbear was the opportunity to further work up the fridge magnet design into a practice logo design for use on stationery and uniforms.

"I'm keen to develop our logo into something that we can use for letterhead, name badges, signage etc. I thought we could develop the fridge magnets which have been extremely popular into a logo".

A mosaic concept

another early design idea for the logo

The final design

the final design chosen by the client

The client further employed the Grrinninbear to help with a new project for the Grrinninbear, part of the layout for the practice medication labels.

The "footer" wording for medication labels

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