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Vet Surgeons Board - Western Australia:

Australian College of Veterinary Scientists: |1|

Post Graduate Foundation in Veterinary Science:

"The Jab": |2000|2001|2002|2003|
|feature cartoons|

Cartoons for scientific presentations: |1|2|

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Pet Connect - K9 Behaviuor*Pet Wellness Group

Mosman Park Veterinary Hospital* Little Creatures House Calls

Groovy GroomersMy Best Friend Vet Centre

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|"Fetch"|C.A.T scanner|
|"Fetch II" Fetch Goes Bush|
|Grouchy George's Daydream|
|ANIM8: Cat With Many Skins|
|UFO Flying Lesson|Jellyshots|
|Surfrider Project|

-- 'crash landing in a parallel universe' - brain fallout --

Welcome to the Jetset! Grrinninbear Designs offered up some designs for a Queensland Airline's passenger boarding card. Click on the hostess to see what many a central Queensland jetsetter may not.
[click] for a poem about sustainable fishing Click on the 'Tallyman' to go to a short story of our intrepid investigative cartoonist set in that sticky, sickly sweet, seedy, split pomegranate of a city, Brisbane...

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painted foamie surfboards gallery mermaid board

Pet portraits by Franko -  Macchiato Franko can create a colourful painting, cartoon or pencil drawing for that unique present.Pet portraits by Franko -  Monello * Today I choose my ' foamie'. [Click] to go to the boardroom.

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| Save Smiths Beach WA |
| Da Veti Code: Decoding the veterinary profession |

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Member of the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving ClubJohn Miller Designs - this guy is brilliant. He made my wedding ring.
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